The overall reaction to Gonzo is positive, I believe. The first screening we had at Fraser Hall 4 was excellent. Almost all of the cast was present and dressed superbly, and they were laughing their butts off at the movie, which elevated the viewing experience for everyone else in the audience.

The subsequent nights are a lot tamer by comparison, and in some instances I got very paranoid that the audience hated it. In fact, my girlfriend and another mutual friend were approached by a lady in the bathroom who commented that the movie was really sexist, in that the female characters were potrayed as absolute flakes. Unfortunately, she had failed to see that the male characters weren't very smart either. I don't think the wisest people choose pornography as a profession anyway. Any celebrity whereby your fans are chronic masturbators isn't the ideal kind of job, I think. I've had classmates ask to borrow my movie to watch at home, and I think they've enjoyed it immensely, for the most part.

Gonzo is actually screening at, where supposedly 18,000 plus people have viewed it. I personally find that flattering but untrue, because I think most people stop after they realize that it's a relatively long movie to stream and it's not blantant nudity and the such.

Gonzo will get another life at Western when the 1st annual Western Film Festival takes place on May 17, 2001. I re-edited the film down to an hour and a half, a more user-friendly version, but regretably some roles had to be cut. (Sorry, Jack and Justin.)

Anyway, there was a collaboration between and Gonzo during its production, whereby they would place an ad for Gonzo and help get feedback, while we would advertise for their website in our movie. So thanks to for the audience feedback and enjoy reading them!

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