"Con Game" as I like to refer to it, was shot during Fall Quarter, 1999, I'm guessing. Perhaps it was '98. I'll correct this later. Although a final copy was cut and edited and put on tape, we still do not have a final version of the movie. "Rough cut" exist out there, copies of the master I had for the showings, but there are far inferior copies. This was a result of editing on analog machines. Because the information was on a master tape, that was transferred into a bulk scene tape, which was then transferred onto the final copy. Try making a copy of a copy of a copy with your VCR, and you'll find out why the quality suffers.

It is amazing how this movie finally did come together, considering that we had only one quarter, which is three months, to shoot, publicize, and edit a feature length movie. With multiple subplots and different locations shoots (along with a good amount of cast), and only two crew members, Con Game was impressive to all of us.

In retrospect, the plot was a little corny, and had it not been for the actors making the most out of my amateurish script, Con Game would be almost unmatchable. One of the actors said that it was like an "afterschool special", which was mean but frighteningly true. Had it not been for one scene and the ad-libbed profanity, it could've easily passed as a Moral Education Video.

But what Confidence Game did us as students and actors were more than amateurish. The movie gave us all a lot of experience and confidence, and there is always a special place in my heart for this movie because it , was a great learning experience, and we simply had a lot of fun with it. I will reedit Con Game one day to fend off old cast members who keep bugging me for a copy.


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