Not oddly enough, the audience was mostly the cast with their friends. Because there wasn't much time to publicize, plus the fact that I wasn't very savvy in getting the word out, I don't think a lot of people attended. We had three screenings on campus, which was free. The first and third screening were on main campus, and the middle screening was at the Fairhaven Auditorium.

The first screening was a nightmare because the editing was not completely finished. The soundtrack was not laid onto the videotape, and the movie itself was still in Digital 8 format. This resulted in me sitting behind the desk like a director in a control booth hitting music cues on a boombox, and changing "reels" every hour. However, the cast was happy to see the final product; the cheers were abundant.

The second screening seemed chaotic reaction-wise. Although Fairhaven had a cooler facility for screening the movie, the audience was sparse and their reactions were subdued. It seemed horrifying sitting through the funny parts with no laughter whatsoever.

The final screening was much like the first. A lot of cast members who bought their friends to view our little project. I believe the general feeling was that most of the cast were surprised to see the final product, having known what a small setup we were.


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