The Confidence Game revolves around three main characters, who are con artists by trade. The leader of the pack, Laura, is the brains of the operation. She oversees all con jobs and keeps everyone in check. Will is also another con artist, who uses his looks and charm to his advantage. Alan is Laura's half brother, and a budding pyromaniac. He takes very little interest in the confidence trade but tags along with his half sister anyway for kicks.

The trio arrive in Bellingham, WA. Specifically to Western Washington University, where they will pretend to be students in order to find the perfect candidates to "mooch" off of. Their game is simple. Befriend students that have access to money, earn their trust, and then rob them blind. They find a place to stay within their day of arrival and settle into town.

Meanwhile, Carrie wakes up in the middle of the road, lost in thought. She recognizes the neighborhood as the one she grew up in, but doesn't understand why. A mysterious woman appears and she explains to Carrie that she is in a state of transition. She is dead, but she cannot advance to either heaven or hell yet because she still have to prove herself. She is given a cryptic mission to inflitrate the trio of con artists, but then she's given no further instruction. She accepts.

Laura manages to use sympathy to her advantage to gain a list of students who are receiving financial assistance from the offices in college, and three candidates are chosen. Brad, a football jock, Jen, an attractive blond active in clubs, and Stephen, a freshman.

When Will finds out Jen is a lesbian, he promptly loses interest and switches targets with Alan. Will takes on Stephen instead, mentoring him out of geekdom. Laura starts dating Brad, and Carrie joins the group, much to Laura's chagrin and Will's apparent delight.

Later on, Alan begins to find himself falling in love with Jen, despite his knowledge of her preferences; Stephen's hot date recognizes Will on a coincidental whim, and Laura discovers the evil side of Brad.

The movie touches on social issues such as trust, homosexuality, date rape, and a little bit of existentialism.


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