Authorship was screened at the 5th Annual Vancouver Film Festival.

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The origins of "Authorship" was purely opportunistic. I was surfing on the web when I found, a website that offers news and resources for Asian American filmmakers. I checked out their contest for "Minute Movies", got excited, and cranked out a quickie script and mailed everything the next day.

Of course, the rest is history. I was selected, I procrastinated for a good few months, and then we shot the short over a period of four Tuesdays. The final product clocked in at 4 minutes 43 seconds, and has been trimmed for Asian American

Eliza Gauger and Sean Raybell, my constant collaborators, joined me again for this outing, as well as Brendon and Maralise from Cells. Great thing, making friends along the way. As a requirement of the website as well as fulfilling a desire I've always had, I acted in it also. The results are hair-raising in every sense of the word.


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