Every week, I would sit down with everyone's availability in hand, and carve out a tentative shooting schedule. Remember, this is a college production, and everyone, myself included do have to go to classes and work. After that I would call everyone and bargin with them when shooting would take place.

Somewhere in the middle of production, we were already editing the movie on campus, using their now laughable editing machines. These were the old analog machines that utilized two VCRS and two monitors for dubbing. And since the editing equipment wasn't accurate, often we would have to try a few times before getting the cut directly where we wanted it. Jonathan and I spend hours in there editing, and when the Media Labs were wise to our extravagant use (lab hours were limited to one student for two hours; and Jonathan and I usually sucked up four hours.), I had to get special permission to use a more private editing bay that was usually reserved for classes. There was one night where I stayed in the bay from 4 in the afternoon till 6 in the morning editing. I was ready to meet my maker by the next day.

Dansen turned out to be a great asset also, offering his audio mixing skills by mixing some samples for the soundtrack. There were admittedly a bit beyond my tastes, but he also managed to get some friends to loan their music for us. Unfortunately, I can't quite remember the name of the bands at the moment, but perhaps I'll right that in my next update.

By the end of the editing period, the final copy was less than desirable. Because of the limitations and massive footage, we were forced to edit portions of the film together (rather than start to finish) and then edit those portions into the larger feature. What this meant was making a VHS copy from the source tape (the camera), and from that we do some fine editing onto another tape, and then a scene would be completed. Then we would have to transfer that to the final copy of the movie as a whole. The sound suffered, and the image quality was likened to real film, because it was so grainy by the time it was done. But when the video hit the screens, I doubt that anyone but myself was thinking about it. Everyone seemed to be having loads of fun.

As of now, The Confidence Game is still unedited in my mind. I have the copy I screened to everyone, and some cast members do have that copy, but I expect a far superior copy to be cranked out in the near future. Do stay tuned.


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