The time is 12:30p.m.

Michelle is waiting for her blind date at Tucci's. Jack is talking to his boyfriend about his daughter. Ruth is preparing breakfast. All three have something they want to share.

Michelle is sick of the dating game. The thirty-four-year-old wants to cut through all the facades of dating and become brutally honest, and Raymond is the unfortunate soul who will have to deal with her. Michelle switches from matronly advisor to flirtatious seductress to mourning widow and Raymond hangs on for his dear life.

Jack wants to come clean and tell his 14 and a half year old daughter that he is gay. Although he's been divorced from Zoe's mother for years, Zoe is obilivious as to why they are no longer together. Between occasional phone calls to Raymond and cruel verbal jabs at her father, Zoe's relationship with her father will strain to the point of breakdown.

Harry and Ruth have been married for over 30 years, and Ruth is tired of her husband's passive nature, when his electronics and involvement in other peoples' lives seem to have overshadowed theirs. She offers an ultimatum for him to change... or else.

All three stories will share a common fate of coincidence and chance.

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