This is when I thank everyone in the world for all their contributions, most of all, Fairhaven College for letting us put on our little show on their stage.

This production, more than most of my other productions, required immense dedication from my cast and crew, who had to show up for hours almost everyday, and had to put up with my complete inexperience on stage, directing or otherwise. I don't think it was a secret that I was completely green, but I'm glad nobody took advantage of that. At least too much.

Oh, you wouldn't believe the trouble we had in casting Ruth. The initial actress who auditioned dropped out, then the replacement also dropped out. We went into rehearsals for about a week without a Ruth. Thankfully, Chelsea stepped into the role and the play got moving along.

The sets were hilariously ghetto. Mostly cardboard, spraypainted to a dull white grimy surface. If you've never seen furniture with folds in it, this would be the place to see it. The fridge and the oven were cardboard with an obsence amount of duct tape. The other furniture were borrowed from Fairhaven itself, their blue couch draped with some ugly plaid sheet we had found in Value Village. The costumes were either bought at Value Village, or was borrowed or owned by the cast.

But even though our low budget had restricted us to a homely set, ingenuity was at its best. I'm particularly proud of a few things. One, the sound was excellent. All the mixing done by Dansen, the cues nailed by Maralise, and the overall production of sound was spectacular. The other, lights, which were done by Brendon, really helped because I would've died without them. The the last thing had to do with the final scene, when a car crashed into the house and shook the set. We simply hooked up a shop light above the stage, ran a fishing line offstage, and tugged on it on cue. A gun muzzle flash was a camera flash. Man, it can be so grafitying being so ghetto.

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