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Yes, it is true. Authorship was born out of a contest on AsianAmericanFilm.com, with a contest called Minute Movies. I saw that they were offering $250 to anyone who was making a 2 minute movie, I quickly hatched up a script and mailed it in the next day. When I realized how stupid my initial script was, I changed some of it, but most of its elements remain intact.

Authorship was shot over 4 or 5 Tuesdays, don't ask me why. Seems like schedules should be easier around fewer people. Because the website needed an Asian face in front of the camera, I found it a good opportunity to return to acting at a very low caliber. In fact, because I knew that I was likely going to be in it, I wrote myself very simple lines; more of a reaction kinda guy.

And yes, I did struggle with the conception of being in my own movie, mainly because that meant that I wouldn't be aware of what's being shot, but more so how much I can't act. I can entertain, but so can monkeys, and that's not acting. Ah yes, shooting Authorship was fun, although shooting in the dark is suicide if you're a low budget filmmaker. Most of the fancy stuff was done in post production, with the swooshing sound effects and the blurring effects done in a very time-consuming fashion. You can read that on the website, 'cause I ain't repeating it.

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