March 11, 2003

Hamster Wheel Productions has been dark for a little while, because I have been working under the direction of Late Knight Productions for a while, but seems like it's still around to make an occasional spark here and there. The Scene has been struggling in terms of content and money, and now we're just mostly waiting for me to get to editing and to free up some time so that our personnel will have more freedom to go about business.

We did enter three 10 second shorts for a contest, and two of them did not make the cut, but one of them sorta did, although I'm pretty sure it will not win, because the contest seems to be rigged in some way or another, because they're picking some pretty horrible ones to screen and ditching "Group Therapy" and "La Reine", which is Cody Luff's short. But Duel is available for watching, just gotta click on the link on the main page.

Director: Nicky Loi
Actors: Cody Luff, Katana Operator, Emery Clevenger, Shooter.
Editor: Nicky Loi
Music by Freeplay, Inc.

Yes, I have to take the credit for editor. You'll know why when you watch it.