October 25, 2002

We held auditions for Witness, , somehow the bastard sequel to Victim , and the prequel to the third short of the trilogy, Monkey Lover. We're likely to have secondary auditions next Wednesday right before Halloween, at Fairhaven College, somewhere on the second floor. There wasn't much of a turnout, hopefully we'll get a few more souls into the project. I accidently gave Brendon incorrect locations (which I disclaimed, was changed on me at the very last minute anyway) and basically stood him up. To compromise for his emotional trauma, I shook my booty for him but he didn't seem very pleased about that either. Techies.

I'm digging the premise of "Witness", which I will no longer italicize nor boldface anymore because writing HTML in the middle of a blog entry is annoying, which in a key scene, shows a striptease and a murder, side by side. I would be interested in doing a retina scan of the audience while that scene is playing, to see all the guys gravitate to one end of the screen while all the women gravitate to the other.

I have a production still for Duel. Someone will have to bug me to post it.

I am proud to announce that I am a firm supporter of independent cinemas everywhere, and I believe that every film out there deserves an audience and an event to screen the work of art.

I show my support by paying huge amounts of money in the form of submission fees to various film festivals, in demoninations of anything from 20 to 35 bucks to each film festival, along with a copy of Victim to humor them...

Okay, fine. The 29th Annual Northwest Film and Video Festival has turned our little masterpiece down, but luckily it was pared down from 400 entries, so I feel a tad better about it. Not really.

But really, we don't mind that we didn't make it through the other festivals, we weren't necessarily well budgeted to take on grants and properly-financed productions. But it still stings, trust me.

October 18, 2002

They hate us... Sort of.

Well, got two pieces of news today. Projections Film Festival, the local Bellingham film fest now in its third year, sent me a rejection/submission letter informing myself that Year of the Horse has been wholly rejected, citing it needed "refinement" for further consideration, but on the brighter side, Victim has been accepted into the final round of judging. Which is great.

I also got an email from CMJ Film Festival, which is actually some music thing, has rejected Victim because they obviously prefer films that involve flaming pigs and burning feces. Alright, I'm just a little miffed at the fact that I spend a good amount of non-sponsored money on the submission fees, and the best thing they can do for me is send me a limey little email rejecting me. Excuse me while I don't take any offense toward that.

On the consolation side, I'm glad that Urban Chillers is still on the go with Universal to develop that half hour series that showcases among others, Victim. That should make up for all the rejection.

So I'm thinking that if Year of the Horse will likely be screened at Fairhaven Auditorium on Nov. 2, 2002 at 7pm as planned by Dansen Waters, all should be well. I'll try to book the Pickford in January so that our little venture into silliness will at least show once in a decent venue. It was fun to work on and has its funny moments, but I suppose everyone has their critics.

I am sorta glad that Projections is actually screening its entrants this year though. Last year a lot of crap was thrown up on the screens that had no entertainment merit. I do think though, Year of the Horse deserves a little merit. Oh well. Knew I should've kept my nude scene intact.

October 14, 2002

Shot the last few scenes of Duel yesterday, involving a very sad twinkle that gave its precious life for the sake of art. The phallic overtures of this film shouldn't be hard to miss. Guns, twinkles, biting each other's pastries. It's all so very bad. We did a bit of an excellent exploding bottle bit, and I think it was cooler in person. It worked out relatively well on film, but the bag concealed a lot of the explosion. I'm thinking that we should do a little second unit work on it, zoom into the inside of the bag and watch it explode in slo mo. Not sure yet, but when I get to it, i'll get Cody to help out.

Also, Victim screened at the MIFF but we didn't even know about it. Just wasn't informed whatsoever. Here's the link we're somewhere at 8:56pm. Goes to show, not all film festivals were created equal. Letting me know would've been nice.

October 11, 2002

Thinking of taking on the competition at Urbanchillers.com, but likely be without a script. Cody wants to work with me again, which is rather flattering to say the least.

Says I'm professional.

Hee. I'm anything but.

Duel is kinda in hiatus. I edit too many weddings, have to make time to finish the short before Sean leaves for LA. I love you Sean, don't leave!

October 1, 2002

The shoot yesterday went well, Cody got some really sweet shots with Sean and I looking rather badass. Of course, thenafter we had to destress by going to Cecil's in Canada for educational purposes. I think all of us were awe-struck by the same girl that night. She was an angel. Who just happened to be naked.

We're probably going to have a few more days of shooting, and wrap Duel promptly. It's been really fun.