All Hamster Wheel Productions... uh... productions (except Cells, which is a stage play.) were shot on a Sony Digital 8 camera (DCR-TRV103 if you're into model numbers), which is Sony's own thing of DV. It uses standard 8mm tapes, which makes it slightly cheaper and compatible with old 8mm tapes. It cost me about 800 bucks which I funded with income tax refunds and financial aid loans. Still paying for it, pretty much.

The Confidence Game was edited using Western's analog editing suites, which as anyone who has edited prior iMacs will tell you, is a pain in the butt. The reason why I do not have a digital copy of The Confidence Game is because I never got around to reediting it. It's analog quality begs to be saved from any eyes, so I never show it. I now edited with an iMac DV Special Edition, which is also the same computer I'm using to put up this website.

All Hamster Wheel Productions have been funded in part by the federal government, in the form of financial aids or loans. I have yet to profit from any of my movies, but really, when one loves what they do, who really cares?

The only original music I've created was done on a Playstation Game called MTV Music Generator, which I have used extensively in Gonzo and will use in Authorship to score. It provides a redundant techno beat, but it saves me from having to deal with music issues.

All Hamster Wheel websites were created by myself because I've had a little web building background, and almost all of them are wiped out instantaneously because the server had to stop service in lieu of the crash. So that's what this site is: a collection of the other works that I've done before. I've mirrored this site to avoid another one of these carpet yankers, but who knows. I refused to pay for a domain especially when I'm so broke.

Anyway, that's HWP for you. Hope you have fun surfing!

Nicky Loi

 They've barely fed me, and they want 20 million in non-sequential bills.

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