January 15, 2003

Witness began shooting sometime last week, and we went till 2:30 in the morning. We initially felt pretty darn good about the stuff we shot, but looking over the footage, it was apparent that we needed to reshoot the majority of what we had. Too much lighting was one of the factors, and the acting needed some more work. No worries about reshooting, since it's at my place, but it is a pain in the behind because we have to redo what we've already done. That's moviemaking for ya.

Been thinking about writing a comedy lately, perhaps something that's more in the reins of a mockumentary, even though I swore I'd stay the hell away from that genre. It's a tougher genre than most people think. Pretending to be someone while pretending to be a documentary is very very hard. Maybe a traditional comedy is in place. Hey, the next Chinese New Year is approaching. Time for a sequel perhaps?