January 7, 2003

Got our tenative timeslot from KVOS today, and it's looking a lot different than we expected. He pegged us for a 21 and over audience, and also since we pretty much have no experience in the matter, they've got us slotted tenatively at 1am on Friday. It's not necessarily a bad time slot, (though not a great one either) it's a start. What it does do to our programming however, is an entirely different thing. Because of this time slot, if we ran our programming the way it is, people would naturally just convulse, because its catered to families and general audience. Also, it would just certainly throw many a people off to do the show the way we do, and expect the kind of revenue we get.

What does it all mean? Back to the drawing board. I think it pretty much means that our pilot has to be scrapped, and everything has to be redone, down to the title of the show. Pity, I kinda liked the Hamster Report. The bad side seems plenty, but like Dansen said, I should really look at the good side, and he's right. We are getting a show on TV, and not a lot of people can just do that. Furthermore, this new format might actually make the show more marketable to other ... markets. If we do it correctly, Comedy Central could even be interested.

At any rate, Witness is tenative at Sat. So stay tuned for news on that. The new show will take longer to report on.