December 23, 2002

The pilot to the Hamster Report is finally finished, thank god. Took forever to get it out the door. But the good thing of it is if it gets picked up by the station, the templates for the graphics are already set up, and it should be ten times easier to crank out another episode in relatively little time. I can quit my job as retail bitch, and work on the show full time, having fun, working hard, and being our own bosses.

If they reject the show, I will resort to pornography.

And since we have no money to hire actresses (face it, you don't really have to hire actors for porn. Put up a flyer and they'll show) I'll have to resort to shooting porn with animals. Animal porn, baby. Like the Discovery Channel except the animals will be wearing strap balls and paw restraints.

I'm joking.

Or am I?

Next up for us, not sure yet. Definitely get Witness shot and in the plastic case (since cans don't exist for Mini-DV), and then maybe busy with the show, or maybe just stagnant from the lack of show to work on. Who knows.