December 11, 2002

It's been a while since I posted anything, so here are some photos I took, in no particular order. Most of them are from the the premiere from Year of the Horse, one from Duel and one from the Projections Film Festival, with Cody and Michelle. Enjoy them!

Cody and Michelle at Projections Film Festival. Maybe I should stop bringing my camera to this event, I have photos from both years and we don't win.

The one, the only Sean Raybell, getting all the attention that he rightfully deserves.

Brendon's taking pictures of me taking pictures of him. Photographing into infinity.

Cody at Michelle at the premiere of the movie.

Dansen brings some friends to the movie!

Jenn Petre, one of the stars of "Year of the Horse"

My Sweeties, Elaine and Jael.

Maralise enjoys a slice at the premiere.

Meg and Lindsey greeting the cameraman.