November 11, 2002

Projections Film Festival has once again eluded us of an award. Hopes were high, and we were let down by the announcement (although we do believe that a better film did win over us. If any of the other films had won, we might've killed ourselves on the spot.) but nonetheless, we continue to enjoy our good run of Victim. Universal Studios are currently in contract with Urbanchillers Films to possibly release our short film through a 13-episode, half hour program. They say it's an international release, but we'll see how that goes. At least we'll be seeing some money from it.

The screening at the Pickford Cinema however, was overwhelmingly positive. The screening started off with a few giggles, which I think happens a lot because people are so accustomed to spoofs and cynical humor that anything presented as serious takes a while to sink in. But once the shooting occurs, people's attention was fixated, and we got a good scare from our sole scary part, and the ending left a few people behind us saying, "Whoa." That was a very good showing.

Also got good, though limited reviews from the local press. The Herald recommended us for viewing.

Oh well, better luck next year. I'm thinking we should just shoot films and overwhelm the festival next year. Me and Cody will wipe them all out.