October 25, 2002

We held auditions for Witness, , somehow the bastard sequel to Victim , and the prequel to the third short of the trilogy, Monkey Lover. We're likely to have secondary auditions next Wednesday right before Halloween, at Fairhaven College, somewhere on the second floor. There wasn't much of a turnout, hopefully we'll get a few more souls into the project. I accidently gave Brendon incorrect locations (which I disclaimed, was changed on me at the very last minute anyway) and basically stood him up. To compromise for his emotional trauma, I shook my booty for him but he didn't seem very pleased about that either. Techies.

I'm digging the premise of "Witness", which I will no longer italicize nor boldface anymore because writing HTML in the middle of a blog entry is annoying, which in a key scene, shows a striptease and a murder, side by side. I would be interested in doing a retina scan of the audience while that scene is playing, to see all the guys gravitate to one end of the screen while all the women gravitate to the other.

I have a production still for Duel. Someone will have to bug me to post it.