October 18, 2002

They hate us... Sort of.

Well, got two pieces of news today. Projections Film Festival, the local Bellingham film fest now in its third year, sent me a rejection/submission letter informing myself that Year of the Horse has been wholly rejected, citing it needed "refinement" for further consideration, but on the brighter side, Victim has been accepted into the final round of judging. Which is great.

I also got an email from CMJ Film Festival, which is actually some music thing, has rejected Victim because they obviously prefer films that involve flaming pigs and burning feces. Alright, I'm just a little miffed at the fact that I spend a good amount of non-sponsored money on the submission fees, and the best thing they can do for me is send me a limey little email rejecting me. Excuse me while I don't take any offense toward that.

On the consolation side, I'm glad that Urban Chillers is still on the go with Universal to develop that half hour series that showcases among others, Victim. That should make up for all the rejection.

So I'm thinking that if Year of the Horse will likely be screened at Fairhaven Auditorium on Nov. 2, 2002 at 7pm as planned by Dansen Waters, all should be well. I'll try to book the Pickford in January so that our little venture into silliness will at least show once in a decent venue. It was fun to work on and has its funny moments, but I suppose everyone has their critics.

I am sorta glad that Projections is actually screening its entrants this year though. Last year a lot of crap was thrown up on the screens that had no entertainment merit. I do think though, Year of the Horse deserves a little merit. Oh well. Knew I should've kept my nude scene intact.