October 14, 2002

Shot the last few scenes of Duel yesterday, involving a very sad twinkle that gave its precious life for the sake of art. The phallic overtures of this film shouldn't be hard to miss. Guns, twinkles, biting each other's pastries. It's all so very bad. We did a bit of an excellent exploding bottle bit, and I think it was cooler in person. It worked out relatively well on film, but the bag concealed a lot of the explosion. I'm thinking that we should do a little second unit work on it, zoom into the inside of the bag and watch it explode in slo mo. Not sure yet, but when I get to it, i'll get Cody to help out.

Also, Victim screened at the MIFF but we didn't even know about it. Just wasn't informed whatsoever. Here's the link we're somewhere at 8:56pm. Goes to show, not all film festivals were created equal. Letting me know would've been nice.