September 29, 2002

Here are the latest news: I HAVE FINALLY COMPLETED YEAR OF THE HORSE! I know, Brendon was like, "Don't joke around like that, or I'll have to murder your dog." Okay, I'm stretching the story a little. I don't have a dog. Anyway, it was the deadline of Projections Film Festival in Bellingham, WA that got me to ditch my newfound profession of Wedding Videographer (Please call for rates) to dedicate one day to scoring the film with royalty free music. I submitted the film to Projections, and now we're just waiting. In the meanwhile, I will have to con Dansen into doing the publicity, because I just can't find the time to do so. Besides, he owes me a few favors after he's been tossing my name and address around town... We're shooting for a local release at Pickford before Projections, just for the cast and crew and the generous donating public who will grace us with their money... er, presence. Will keep an update on that.